[Lumen] Composer lscache remove Illuminati Folder

Hi everyone,

I've just found out OpenLiteSpeed and moved some projects to OLS. Great so far.

But today, when i try to setup LS Cache on a Lumen (Laravel) Project by Composer, the Composer removed all Illuminati module.


I tried the composer on my laptop (Win 10). And after that, the project can not run more due to lack of Illuminati dependency :D.

As i am very new to OLS, may i do something wrong. Please help me to fix it.

Many thanks & best regards.


Lumen is not Laravel - The Laravel Framework (laravel/framework in composer) removes illuminate packages: https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework ( Look under replaces )

Since the litespeed/lscache-laravel package has a dependency on laravel/framework, this package will be pulled in when you do a composer require, and thus composer will do as instructed by the laravel/framework package, and that is to remove illuminate packages, which Lumen depends on.

The requirement of laravel/framework can be removed, and add the requirement of the illuminate packages directly - however, this is something that has to be extensively tested before being changed.

For the time being version 1.1 of litespeed/lscache-laravel does not support Lumen.