min.js not working as intended


I've been starting to use openlitespeed with cyberpanel, now I am not sure if this problem is 100% related to openlitespeed.. I've been searching the internet why it ain't working as intended.

I've got 2 websites where I have placed a bootstrap website, these contain min.js and the .js files.
When I tell index.html or .php to use the min.js file the website doesn't function as it should. When I set it to use the full .js file, the website works proper.

Now I like to use min.js since it speeds up the loading times of websites..

To see the websites in action see below;

test.mbraam.eu has the .js files active
test.mbraam.eu/inbalance has the min.js files active..

Can this be something with a missing lsphp72 module? or can this be something with a setting in php.ini or even something that has to do with cyberpanel or openlitespeed.

I'd like to get openlitespeed working 100% since I think it is going to be alot faster then apache or nginx.

Thanks in advance,