Module:Cache checkAssignHandler error 2


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You can set
enableCache 0
in server level setting, and if you need update the setting for any VHost, just set it in the VHosts.
The Vhost will inherite the setting from server level and use its own if it has.


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For the cache setting in SERVER level, such as
module testtimer

module cache {
checkPrivateCache 1
checkPublicCache 1
maxCacheObjSize 10000000
maxStaleAge 10
qsCache 1
reqCookieCache 1
respCookieCache 1
ignoreReqCacheCtrl 1
ignoreRespCacheCtrl 0

enableCache 1 #<---------- Enable public cache
expireInSeconds 50
enablePrivateCache 0 #<---------- Disable private cache
privateExpireInSeconds 60
ls_enabled 1 #<---------- Enable the module
I commented 3 directives.
You can disable in SERVER level and enable in Vhost level.