Moodle + Openlitespeed + Lscache

Hello guys,
We started using the openlitespeed (1.7.14) web server with the learning management system (moodle 3.11) running on the ubuntu 20.04 operating system. The database mariadb was installed with the necessary optimization parameters on a different ubuntu 21.04 server as the latest version. In tests with loader io, when we make a request for 1000 users per second, after 27 seconds, when we make a get request for 500-550 users, we get a db connection failed error at 54 seconds. However, when we get this error, there is no resource jam in the database server, while we can run hard complex queries with phpmyadmin. Has anyone tried the lscache module on openlitespped for moodle? Or is the moodle engine in a structure suitable for this? We welcome ideas and comments on this matter. See you.