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We switched to OLS, Is it possible to map several distinct wp domains to one vhost, can we configure to have a single virtual host config file for all WP sites (instead of separate virtualhost for each WP site, domain1, domain2 and so on). Here we need a generic Virtual Host file commonly served for all WP sites. Somewhat same to "name-based" virtual hosting on OLS (multiple names running on one IP address). Manipulating the configuration through command line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


You will need separate virtual host configuration file for each domain, however you can create a template yourself and copy over to make necessary change for the rest of the domains.

For one virtual host to contain multi -domain, you can also consider first wordpress installation, for second wordpress installation etc.


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Thanks for getting back,

I was not looking for the multi -domain configuration as sub folders but each distinct domains (domain1, domain2 and so on) . All sites are WP and is there is no way to create a catch-all config file for all hosts ?

With the detailed feature comparison between LS and OLS, under Apache Compatibility I see it supports "Reads Apache's configuration files directly"

Screenshot_2020-09-03 OpenLiteSpeed vs LiteSpeed Enterprise - LiteSpeed Technologies(1).png
Please guide us how to "Read Apache's configuration files directly" in OLS


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As per the Mass Hosting feature -

Build a High Availability Large Scale Mass Hosting Platform with LiteSpeed. Managed Through cPanel, Redis, or Rewrite Map Files.Support Rewrite Based, cPanel Clustering and High Availability with Redis.

"Redis, or Rewrite Map Files."
"Manage virtual hosts via rewrite rules and LiteSpeed Web Server"
"Account migration with a simple Redis record update"
"Best for shared hosting with minimum customization"

Can you please guide us how to do mass virtual hosting with "rewrite map files" ? As currently we're using rewrite rules to do mass virtual hosting under Apache with a single configuration.

We need similar single configuration with OLS, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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