My openlitespeed is using an older version of SSL which doesn't support TLS 1.3


I've openssl1.1.1g install on my Ubuntu 16.4. Somehow when I installed openlitespeed, it's loading OpenSSL 1.0.2g instead of 1.1.1g library as shown in the phpinfo ().
How do I tell openlitespeed to use 1.1.1g so it can support TLS 1.3 ?

Thanks for any help pointing me in the right direction.


OLS and lsphpxx are different things, you should not mix them up.
For OLS, the prebuild package and rpm package are based on BoringSSL, not your system openssl at all, hence you don't need to worry.
As far as you have latest version such as 1.7.3, TLS 1.3 should be enabled by default.