Need to come up with a solution regarding UTM querystrings.

First of all, I'm not on enterprise so I don't have access to vary based on query strings.

So here is the deal. /welcome will be cached.
/welcome?utm_campaign=advertising will cache but is not warmed.

I cannot drop utm query strings with a redirect as that will ruin google analytics data.
My current though process is to manually add urls with query strings to our sitemap for the crawler to access. However, this is going to upset the SEO guys.

Can anyone think of a better approach?

edit: I'm just pushing to get on enterprise as it will be simpler to manage this issue.
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What would changing that do?
We have pages being marketed and them cached/treated the same is fine there. However, our site also features a search and at this moment I simply allow those not to cache (querystring usage) and wouldn't want it to treat search results as the same page.


Our developer just advised the change won't help your situation. Just confirmed by our developer that OLS doesn't have the equivalent feature at this stage and no immediate plan at this stage.