No request delivery notification has been received from LSAPI application, possible dead lock.

Discussion in 'General OpenLiteSpeed Discussion' started by jivy26, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. jivy26

    jivy26 New Member

    Only error I am getting and I cannot figure out why it is occuring is:

    Any things I can check? Thanks!
  2. lsfoo

    lsfoo Administrator

    Hi @jivy26

    Do you see anything in our stderr.log or in any php error logs?

  3. hafriz

    hafriz New Member

    hi, i have seen notice like this in my log. somehow there is nothing in stderr.log or any php error. may i know what is mean by this notice? is it okay i just ignore it? thanks
  4. lskagan

    lskagan Administrator

    As mentioned in the log, there was no request delivery notification received from the LSAPI. This means that the PHP process got hung up on something.

    In order to properly diagnose the issue, please try the following steps:

    - Turn on debug logging for OLS.
    - run 'top' in a terminal. Once it is up and running, try forcing the error to occur. If you see 'lsphp5' at the very top using 100% cpu, it is likely a bug in the php script causing it to loop infinitely.
    - run strace on the lsphp5 processes.
    1. In a terminal, type ps aux | grep lsphp5
    2. The first number after the username are the process IDs.
    3. run strace with the process IDs. ex strace -p 1402 -p 1403 -p 1404 -p 1405 for if I have four lsphp5 processes with pids 1402-1405.
    4. Try to force the issue again.
    5. Once the issue occurs, check to make sure that all the processes are still outputting. If one is no longer printing, it is likely stuck on a system call, which caused the debug message.
    If neither of these options were the issue, could you please send us the debug log? By default, it is at $SERVER_ROOT/error.log
    If you don't want to attach the debug log here, you may pm me the log.
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  5. hafriz

    hafriz New Member

    hi lskagan,

    Thanks for your reply, will try as per you suggest soon and will let you know, Thanks

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