OLS 1.3.1 - Failed to compress file


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I've got a problem with proper configuration of OpenLiteSpeed 1.3.1 on my Debian system. OLS is serving one virtual host and it's working, but there are plenty warnings in web server log, similar to this one:

Failed to compress file /usr/local/lsws/ferapl/html/var/cache/misc/statics/design/themes/energot_fashion/css/standalone.4ba99f2bc218733fdcf92a37c8c098961401890753.css!

Server process is running as user(nobody) : group(nogroup), GZIP Compression is ON and other GZIP settings:
Enable Compression: Yes
Enable Dynamic Compression: Yes
Compression Level: 8
Auto Update Static File: Yes
Static GZIP Cache Directory: /var/tmp/gzip
Compression Level: 9
Max Static File Size: 1M
Min Static File Size: 300

What's strange - all directories in /var/tmp/gzip (owned by nobody:nogroup) are empty. There are no gzip compressed files. The same situation is with /tmp/lshttpd/swap directory - it contains also empty subdirs.

Here are other suspicious entries in error.log in /var/log/lshttpd that appear every 5-10 minutes:

2014-06-04 17:41:59.581 [NOTICE] [AutoRestarter] child process with pid=27174 received signal=11, a core file is created!
2014-06-04 17:41:59.587 [NOTICE] [AutoRestarter] cleanup children processes and unix sockets belong to process 27174 !
2014-06-04 17:41:59.688 [NOTICE] [AutoRestarter] new child process with pid=2494 is forked!
2014-06-04 17:41:59.688 [NOTICE] [config] [child: 2494] Successfully change current user to nobody
2014-06-04 17:41:59.688 [NOTICE] [config] Child: 2494] Core dump is enabled.
2014-06-04 17:41:59.688 [NOTICE] [Child: 2494] Setup swapping space...
2014-06-04 17:41:59.688 [NOTICE] [Child: 2494] LiteSpeed/1.3.1 Open starts successfully!

How to diagnose what is wrong with my config? Any other information needed?
Help me, please. Thanks in advance!


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Hmmm... OpenLiteSpeed is crashing. (That's why you see the notice about core dumps and restarting.) Can you upgrade to 1.3.2 and see if you get the same problem?


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Sure, I can give v 1.3.2 a try. What is the safest way to upgrade it on a production server?


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Great. Just download 1.3.2 and reinstall the same way you installed the first time (but with 1.3.2). You configs should not be affected. (If you want to be extra careful, you could make a backup of your config files.)