ols 1.4.41 mp4 videos issue

After updating to the new version 1.4.41 we have detected that the mp4 videos have stopped working. In firefox when you put the route to an mp4 video it gives the error "
Error Code: NS_ERROR_DOM_MEDIA_METADATA_ERR (0x806e0006)
Details: static MP4Metadata::ResultAndByteBuffer __cdecl mozilla::MP4Metadata::Metadata(mozilla::ByteStream *): Cannot parse metadata" in the browser put "a video that has a compatible MIME format and type was not found"
and in chrome directly it does not work but if I make a downgrade to version 1.4.40 the videos work correctly. Is this a bug or is it some function that has gotten new in version 1.4.41 and that we have to configure. The test has also been done in a clean installation in a virtual machine.

Greetings and thank you


is there any possibility to log a ticket with us by providing the test URL and server tmp root ssh login so that we can have a further check?
hey, I have the same issue. When I call the mp4 file from the litespeed server, the mp4 file cannot be played. But when I call the mp4 file from the apache server file mp4 it works fine. Is there a solution to slove the problem?

the openlitespeed version that I use is:
OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.42