ols 1.6.6 bug?

I am running 1.6.7 without a problem ...

now with 1.6.8 the problem is back ... David, please check if the old bugfixes were included in this version ....
OLS guys, PLEASE start keeping track what was already fixed and make sure every new version INCLUDES all previous bugfixes.

It's really annoying seeing the same errors over and over.

Now, we may start asking, is this the only bugfix you missed to add, or are there more??? Is everything working properly? or do I need to check all my sites because I updated to new OLS version ...


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I am so sad to saw the bug is back.
Yes, I made mistake to merge some big code changes and reviewed that diff one by one for 3 days, but may still miss some error.
But the code changes did fix some hidden bugs.
I will fix this issue soon.
Please switch to 1.6.7 for now.
I have the same problem.
DirectAdmin + CloudLinux + Imunify360 + OLS
Erro: 443:lsapi] [modcompress---] compressbuf in 296, return -1 (written 0, flag in 0)

The upload error for images in wordpress.
Also the upload error on WEBMAIL, via Chrome browser.

Corrected installing version 1.5.6.