OLS Upgrade on Live Server

I'm running a rather old version of OLS on my server (v1.2.6) and I'm interested in upgrading to the latest version. I have a couple of websites running on this server and I was wondering if it was possible to update to the latest version of OLS without losing my current data or do I have to make a clean installation (and lose my current data)?

By current data I mean my OLS settings, databases, website files, etc. If it is possible to upgrade without losing the data, I'd appreciate if you guys can point me in the right direction to do this.

If it's not possible to upgrade without losing the data, is there a noticeable benefit to upgrading to the current version vs keeping the old one?

OLS is installed on CentOS 6.9 on my server BTW. I hope I explained my situation well (English is not my first language).

Thanks in advance. :)


1.2.6 is a very old version about 4 years old. We cannot reliably guarantee that there will be no issues when upgrading to the latest version as a lot has changed. We would recommend backing up the /usr/local/lsws folder ( or wherever you currently have OLS installed ).

There have been many improvements in the newer versions that will speed up and secure your site. We do recommend upgrading past 1.3.10 as there was a known vulnerability that has since been patched. I do not see you losing any site data but you might need to recreate all your vhosts and everything in OLS. But the site data and mysql data etc should still be intact.
In case anyone else is going through the same situation... I updated to the latest version of OLS using the above tutorial (using source code) and I didn't have any issues whatsoever. The upgrade was quick and painless. My website indeed feels faster now and now my server is also more secure. Thanks again. :)