OLS v8.0.1 with PHP v8.0 on Ubuntu 20.04


I'm new here cause it's my first time with OLS, so please bear with me in case of confusion,

First of all, what's the difference between LSPHP and the traditional PHP packages we use normally with Apache and/or Nginx?
Is it only specific to OLS? in other words, can't use the traditional PHP packages with OLS? Please advice.

OLS v8.0.1 already installed with lsphp74 by default, followed by install lsphp80 from OLS repository.

I keep trying to switch from lsphp74 to lsphp80 by following Official OLS Guides here as well as plenty of other blogs on the same with no luck on both server level and vhost level.

I did try the custom PHP builds yet as I prefer to stick with the official builds.

One more point please, can OLS run as www-data:www-data instead of nobody:nogroup?
in case no conflicts from technicality on server level; Please hint


You will need to use LSPHP which has LSAPI included in order to communicate with LSWS/OLS.

To switch PHP versions, no need to use a custom PHP build. So you have lsphp74 set in the virtual host but the site is still using PHP 80? Please share both the server and virtual config file so we can help.

Yes, you can run OLS as www-data:www-data.
After changing the user:group from the OLS config, better to reinstall OLS package again in order to update the existing file's permission.
e.g. apt-get install --reinstall openlitespeed