ols wedadmin php version

My ols webadmin seems to be stuck using php5.6 (why are you even still using it as default?)

Ive tried several attempts to reconfigure the server external app and script handler with restarting lsws and killall -9 lsphp but it still states php5.6 when I check.

Checking online through searches seems to give the same instructions to change the version but it is still stating 5.6


It's not configurable through the web admin, hence web admin is not allowed to public. If you want, try to symlink /usr/local/lsws/admin/fcgi-bin/admin_php to the php binary file you want.
Note, PHP 8 is not ready for webadmin yet.
Well, that works but the listeners or vhosts are not listed when you change the PHP version to anything 7.3+

The server fails PCI compliance with it running 5.6 which whilst you state it's not allowed to the public it can be easily discovered and is therefore classed as a security risk.
Has this been resolved? We have an PCI failure for the same reason (though, with PHP 7.4 now, rather than 5.6).

Can I copy the PHP8.2 binary into this file and still have admin work?
I've upgraded my webadmin to v1.8.1, and symlinked admin_php to lsphp in /usr/local/lsws/lsphp82/bin.

Everything seems to work, but would be very interested to know if this is, actually, a bad idea!