ols1clk version 1.5 released! Enhanced Random Password Generation, MariaDB, Bug Fixes!

Discussion in 'OpenLiteSpeed News' started by lsrobh, Aug 29, 2016.

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    Hey There Everyone,

    ols1clk version 1.5 was released today. This version greatly enhances the strength of ols1clk's randomly generated passwords. It also makes a few changes to the way the script works. ols1clk supports pre-existing MySQL and MariaDB databases, however, when setting up WordPress without a pre-existing database, ols1clk will always install the latest stable MariaDB version instead of MySQL. Additionally, when used with --wordpressplus, the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin is now automatically activated. Lastly, this version fixes a bug where the MySQL daemon would sometimes treat a correct command line password as incorrect.

    The updated script is available at our GitHub.


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