OpenLiteSpeed 1.2.4 Released!


Feature enhancements

  • Improved OCSP stapling.
  • Now makes sure safe TLS 1.2 cipher is used by default.
  • Added WebP MIME type.
  • Rearranged HttpContext flags.
  • Created script to enable autoindexing for a context even on vhosts where scripts are disabled.
  • Content-type header will not be sent when 304 is returned, even when set by backend.
  • Messages about processes being killed with SIGTERM will not be logged to simplify error logs.
  • Updated Build PHP to include PHP 5.4.18.
Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in SSI engine where used timestamp from last include file instead of current file.
  • Upgrading will now keep user's current WebAdmin username and password.

Grab it now at !