OpenLiteSpeed 1.2.8 Released!


Feature enhancements

  • Added X-Forwarded-For response header to WebSocket proxy traffic.
  • Added X-LiteSpeed-Location response header processing code.
  • Turned off log7080. It causes trouble if server is very busy and has many socket connections.
Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug: make sure SPDY Streams are released before recycling SpdyConnection.
  • Fixed bug: exec() "litespeed" instead of "lshttpd" during graceful restart.
  • Fixed bug: make sure -1 status code is not stored in HttpReq, so it will not be used for logging.
  • Fixed bug: Installer now uses symbolic link with relative path for lsws/bin/lshttpd.
  • Fixed bug: relocated m_pContext to reset to NULL after each request.
  • Fixed bug: relocated m_pHttpHandler to reset to NULL after each request.
  • Fixed bug: old rtreport files now removed during startup in case number of worker configuration has been changed.* SPDY/3.1 support.

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