OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.23 Released! New Customizations, a Vulnerability Patch, and Bug Fixes!

Hey There Everyone,

OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.23 is now released! This version adds the option to specify the locations of the real time report and .status files and updates the look of the Example page. It also protects against the target=_blank vulnerability. This release fixes a bug that caused the server to return a 400 error when receiving http PATCH requests and another bug that sometimes caused core dumps due to a static file cache memory error.

Download link here

The packages should be available soon.

I hate to ask.. I'm a bit newer to LSWS. How do you update from 1.4.22 to 1.4.23 without losing anything? I'm on a debian production server.

Before upgrading, we recommend you back up your server directory, just in case. This can be done with the following command:
cp -pr /usr/local/lsws/ /usr/local/lswsbak/

To upgrade to version 1.4.23, you can follow the steps you originally used to install OLS again. Specific steps can be found here:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

Always happy to help. :)

While restoring your backup this way should be fine, for reverting to a backup in general, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Stop LiteSpeed
  2. Move your current lsws folder to another backup folder, for example: mv /usr/local/lsws/ /usr/local/lswsbak2/
  3. Then copy the backup back to the /usr/local/lsws
This way there's no risk of interference and if you discover that you needed something from the updated installation, you still have a backup of that folder.