OpenLiteSpeed CloudLinux 7 + CageFS + LVE Manager + PHP 7.3 + Custom Home Folder

I am investing over a week to find a clear answer and a working solution for my environment here below is what I have:
OS: CloudLinux 7
Web server: OpenLiteSpeed
Extra OS Add-on: CgeFS - LVE Manager + Altphp 7.3 + Custom Docroot Folder /Home/User/Public_HTML
User Have SSH access because all my CMS and Cart uses composer they should have their Dcoroot in the user home folder.

1. Reading multiple articles and searching all of the forums on both LiteSpeed + OpenLiteSpeed I couldn't find any useful answer on how to setup Docroot outside of /usr/local/lsws/ and what are the permission need to be used

2. How to enable SuEXEC for CageFS & How to uses PHP Selector

As this article says I do the following:
Enable CloudLinux CageFS support under Admin Console ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Server ⇒ General ⇒ Cloud-Linux, and select an applicable option, e.g., CageFS
Enable PHP suEXEC under Admin Console ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Using Apache Configuration File ⇒ PHP suEXEC, set to Yes
LSPHP5 external app runs in non-daemon mode ONLY (Run On Start Up ⇒ Yes or No). Check here for Worker mode or ProcessGroup mode setup.
In lsphp5 external app Admin Console ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Server ⇒ External App ⇒ lsphp5,

3. Why OpenLiteSPeed delivers with lsphp 5.4 and how to remove that and completely migrate to altphp 7.3 the main reason for this is the issue many of the composer based systems have with PHP older than 7.2 and since the system command for hph -v and lsphp -v return 5.6 all will fail the check and won't install properly

4. How to run php / SuEXEC under home folder username for real !!! no matter what permissions are on the home folder and its Docroot nobody:nobody user:nobody
755 folder 644 files .... at the end I just have a nice looking 404 page unless i move the same folder and file to /usr/local/lsws/

No matter how much time I spend to solve those issues looks like I never can get this to work and somehow I feel this missing settings and document are simply to push people to buy the litespeed paid edition.

Thank you


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Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, we need to add more document for how to setup and how to use these features.
Please just raise a tickets to solve all of your issues.
I will forward this message to the support team.
Hello David,
I was really impressed by this product for a moment I thought here we are I am finally free of Apache WHM-cPanel / Plesk and I can have a great working solution, its just don't work without the document and tutorial and believe me i am a SaaS and software business owner who also have one of the greatest open source technology in market, as much as you provide articles and document more you attract people to install and use both free and paid edition, if you need help about documentation and tutorial just let me know I may be able to help but perhaps I need some extra training from your side.

You listed out so many questions but lets first jump to question number 4.

I suppose it is relatively easy to set up document root outside /usr/local/lsws. This is what CyberPanel actually does. You can try to install CyberPanel and then replicate your configurations to your setup.

Installation guide is available at ->

And it also uses a different user for each website thus solving your SuEXEC issue.

Let me know if that solves your issue number 4.
Cyberperson the whole point of using OpenLiteSpeed or Apache Server alone is to avoid any GUI control panel, I like that you want to promote your product, all the panels are same come with tonnes of different stuff we don't need and they eat server resources etc. and cause lots of security issues

If you may re-read my comment you will find this line You can try to install CyberPanel and then replicate your configurations to your setup.

I already know that you want to do things manually, which is why I specifically wrote this line so you can replicate settings. You just had to pay attention to the helpful content. :)
I know what you said having cyber panel then replicating configuration is not helping anyone, basically I and David both agreed this whole Litespeed + OpenLiteSpeed need more documentation and articles, your solution may help me temporary however it's not going to be a helpful resource for the OpenLiteSpeed community, the goal is not to get answer and leave the forum.
I am looking to contribute and learn not to copy and run.

Your question had How to run, so I assumed that you want to have a solution to your problem.

It's good that you want to contribute, you need to be open to all possibilities of learning. It is not copying it is actually a solution to your problem number 4, once solved you can try different combinations, learn more and shared your findings with the community as well. As we all learn by trial and error.
Ok for anyone interested to do it the right way since we don't have any proper documentation for this, I was able to finally figure everything and set up the server in the right way, I will provide the tutorial for OpenLiteSpeed community today or tomorrow in case anyone else wants totally Panel Free pure CLI OpenLiteSpeed CloudLinux 7 + CageFS + LVE Manager + PHP 7.3 + Custom Home Folder + imunify360