OpenLiteSpeed faster than Litespeed


I was doing tons of tests last couple of months OLS vs Litespeed and I have an interesting findings.

I've been testing on identical websites and servers at the same location and running speedtest from Gtmetrix Results are as below

OLS Loading Speed Range = 0.3 second - 0.8 Second
LiteSpeed Loading Speed Range = 0.7 - 1.5 second

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 18.49.59.png

This is quite interesting to see, I've tested with cPanel Litespeed, CloudLinux Litespeed, tried different optimizations however never managed to catch OLS speed.

Is this expected or am I having some bad configuration on my Litespeed setup ?


May I know if this site is a dynamic page or a cached page? If you have the GTMetrix result, please share the links so we will see the response header from the waterfall.