Openlitespeed Limitation Based On Resource


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I just installed OLS on my VPS (9 CPUs, 12G RAM) with a website that used by 600 people at the same time (website for school exam). I noticed that Litespeed only use 500MB of the RAM, and the CPU load is really low when the exam is ongoing. But the problem is the request per second is only 30-100 and the website loads very slow. I've tried to do some tweaking in order to increase the request per second but still no success. I wonder why Litespeed doesn't use the rest of the resources. Is there any limitation in OLS based on resource like the LSWS enterprise (RAM and worker)? Does anyone have experience in handling a high concurrency website? I will be glad if you give tips on what is the best configuration for this type of website.

Additional information:
OLS Version : OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.10
PHP Version: 7.3
VPS : 9 CPUs, 12G RAM, OpenVZ
I can't use LSCACHE because it's a custom-developed PHP website

Thank you :)