OpenLiteSpeed on FreeBSD?


As I'm actually looking for options to make it easier for clients to potentially have it (OLS) on FreeBSD, can you let me know also:

1) CyberPanel will work on FreeBSD (as far as I know, only Virtualmin will work, but it not support OLS or LSWS)?

2) So, after OLS manual installation and settings, do you know any script around for automatic WP installation on FreeBSD?

3) As answer on 2 is probably NO, what should be changed in script from this script to work on OLS?


1. I don't think so.
2. Currently, no.
3. That script is for Apache mainly, you will need to remove all Apache part and update it to OLS. Or, run the script and make sure everything works, then replace Apache by OLS. with manually configuration.


Currently, no plan, but you could build it on FreeBSD.
I just tried to launch a FreeBSD v13 from Vultr, download the OLS source code, and build it with the script, and it seems to be working fine.

Note, the first time of will usually be failed, check the output and find the failed part, and go to the third-party/script/ and rebuild those packages. Then, go back to the openlitespeed folder and run the again.

If everything works, run the ./ from the openlitespeed folder to install it.

Some 3rd package is also required, e.g. cmake go git pkgconf ..etc

cat /etc/os-release

/usr/local/lsws/bin/lswsctrl status
litespeed is running with PID 17949.