OpenLiteSpeed segfault

I did setup a openlitespeed WP instance on DigitalOcean a few weeks ago but I’m getting random “seg faults” crashes on the litespeed process.
I’m using a debian based server which is running openlitespeed 1.4.44 (guess this is the latest version...).

Mar  2 22:57:33 openlitespeed-wordpress-s-2vcpu-4gb-fra1-01 kernel: [195923.812352] litespeed[11587]: segfault at 2846b10 ip 0000000002846b10 sp 00007ffe758aa2e0 error 15
Do you have any idea on why is this happening?
Thanks for your support.

P.S. Did wrote a Watchdog script which runs every 5 min (crontab) checking whether the process crashed or not, and eventually restarts it.
But this is just a workaround :S Really need a solution to this issue


Normally for such segfault bug report, you can log a tickets with us with tmp root login access, our developer will log in and check the core files.