OpenLiteSpeed swapping directory keeps getting full


New Member
I don't know why the OpenLiteSpeed swapping directory (/tmp/lshttpd/swap) keeps growing in size over time until it is completely full. Trying to remove its content manually every time it is full is not a good solution (using "rm -rf /tmp/lshttpd/swap/*" command), even using a cron job, because I want to know where is this issue is coming from to fix it for ever. I have other servers using the same configuration but without any problem like this. I have tried to increase Memory I/O Buffer size to 200M and even more without any effect. Other servers have just 60M or 120M, and they are stable. It is a dedicated server with 12 threads and 64G of RAM using CyberPanel 2.0.2 and OLS 1.6.17.
Any help please?