OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.35 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.35 was released today.

In this release: support for Apache Header and RequestHeader directives, bug fixes, and more!

Full release log:
[New feature] Virtual Host Context setting "Extra Headers" has been renamed to "Header Operations" and now supports Apache Header and RequestHeader directives set, append, merge, add, and unset.
[Improvement] Multiple flushes from different streams are now combined into a single flush to reduce the number of small data chunks for HTTP/2 connections.
[Update] OpenSSL 1.1.1 (supports TLS v1.3) is now used when installing.
[Update ] GeoIP lookup is now enabled by default if a database has been configured.
[Bug Fix] Fixed an error where Gzip compression was not being used as a fallback when Brotli was disabled or unsupported.
[Bug Fix] Fix a crash when calling SslTicket::init().
[Bug Fix] Fixed SSL session caching breaking due to a typo in sslsesscache function newSessionCb().

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