OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.37 & 1.5rc5 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.37 & 1.5rc5 has been released.

In this release: improvements to request header decoding and parsing, bug fixes, and more!

Full release log:
[Improvement] HttpContext is now added if it does not already exist when a directory is accessed, loading the
.htaccess file in that directory if one exists.
[Improvement] Optimized request header decoding and parsing.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a rewriterule bug where lines that were too short could cause a crash.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where rewriterule block content was used instead of the enable rewrite setting when testing if
rewrites were enabled for a Vhost.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in HttpContext::config() where an empty rewrite block in the config file could be used to
prevent default values from being set.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in ObjArray API which returned an error when growing the array failed.

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