OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.38 Now Available

Discussion in 'OpenLiteSpeed News' started by lslisa, Sep 10, 2018.

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    OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.38 is now available.

    In this release: new Auto Load from .htaccess setting, bug fixes, and more!

    [New Feature] Added ‘Auto Load from .htaccess’ server and virtual host level setting to auto load .htaccess files
    included in the configured context if the ‘Rewrite Rules’ setting does not already use the “rewriteFile” directive.
    [Bug Fix] Fixed an extra header parsing operation bug to avoid a negative value length.
    [Bug Fix] Updated to ignore “RewriteBase /” in ‘Rewrite Rules’ which caused subdirectory errors.
    [Bug Fix] Fixed a RST_FRAME parsing bug in HTTP 2.
    [Bug Fix] Fixed a boringSSL bug that caused a crash with the NPN callback function.
    [Bug Fix] Fixed a server PUSH request bug when setting method and URL length.

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