OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.47 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.47

In this release: better options for configuration testing, bug fixes, and more!

Server core
[Improvement] Added new '-t' parameter for config testing (Command: ./openlitespeed -t, return 2 for error, 1 for warn, and 0 no issues).
[Improvement] Update HttpReq::processRequestLine to handle long lines.
[Update] Add user-agent and referrer to server push.
[Update] Change some "error" level log messages to "warn" when there is not a real error case.
[Update] Added support for coredump when WebAdmin is disabled.
[Update] Updated cgid.sock path in cases where admin DIR does not exist.
[Update] Disabled rcs checking conf file while loading when WebAdmin is disabled.
[Update] Add source code packing time to version info.
[Update] Add tool for quickly installing the latest stable version.
[Update] Add --enable-iptogeo support for configuring without the Geoip library as a dependency.
[Update] Increased the limit of request/response header length and overall header size.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a node.js application compatibility issue.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where rules that do not have "\n" at the end would cause a parsing error.
[Bug Fix] Fix a bug where a redirect context would always go through rewrite rules, possibly causing a wrong redirect issue.
[Bug Fix] Fix cgid DIR permission issue.

Cache module
[Improvement] Added vary support for cache module.
[Improvement] Added support to purge all varied copies when purge cache by a URI.
[Update] Updated to create cache storagepath when it does not already exists.
[Bug Fix] Fixed purge support for private cache.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where re-cacultating hash would not work in some cases.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where cache entry create time and purge time could be messy when compared if both happened in the same second.

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