OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.17 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.17

In this release: bug fixes and tuning.

Server Core
[Bug Fix] Correct an IPv6 matching issue when accessing allow/deny IP list.
[Bug Fix] Remove some incorrect asserts that were causing crashes.
[Bug Fix] Add 'connection' header to cache module Bypass Header list so that cache can work with HTTP/2 for Safari, curl, and so on.
[Tuning] Update to create a symlinked file for lsws.service to improve lsws service compatibility in CentOS 7.
[Tuning] Follow ip2location 8.1.4 library API changes.
[Tuning] Add MIME type image/avif.
[Bug Fix] Corrected Reverse NOESCAPE flag logic for redirect actions.
[Bug Fix] Update AccessLog::customLog() to ensure appended buffer is less than available space.
[Tuning] Send HTTP/2 connection GOAWAY frame as soon as all streams are finished during server graceful shutdown.
[Tuning] Use localtime instead of gmtime for strftime() when printing timestamps in access log.
[Bug Fix] Add Missing "x-Forwarded-For" header ID conversion from gpack decoded header.

[Bug Fix] Plug memory leak in IETF full conn dtor: cleanup closed IDs sets.
[Bug Fix] Plug Memory leak: free pushed promise when refcnt is zero.
[Bug Fix] Deactivate only *recent* HQ frame, not any HQ frame.

WebAdmin Console
[Bug Fix] Correct access log settings in template config.
[Bug Fix] Address unwanted behavior for log viewer browsing buttons.

How to update OpenLiteSpeed:

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