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Runnning latest version on google cloud wordpress openlitespeed image.

No matter what i do, in background ON/OFF the critical CSS wont generate.

I flush the LSCache - All clear browser nothing. I set background generating to OFF and flush LS and Browser and nothing for many hours. It wont work.



Please enable advance debug log to all IPs , then purge all , purge CCSS , and access the home page , then check the debug log , it should state what was going on.

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While we are there, what is this error?

2020-03-22 23:26:52.942790 [DEBUG] [SSL: 0x1c47038] checkError returned 2, first error: error:00000000:invalid library (0):OPENSSL_internal:invalid library (0), last error: error:00000000:invalid library (0):OPENSSL_internal:invalid library (0)



The log seems incompleted.

Please try again:

0. load CSS aync = on and generate CCSS = on , background or foreground both should be OK , but foreground is preferred

1. set debug IP to all

2. set debug log level to advanced

3. purge all

4 purge CCSS

5. access your home page

6. refresh home page again and then access any other page and refresh it for once.

7. now please provide the log.
I randomly checked few URL , I do see the CCSS inside of HTML code.
This is only because i completely disabled the auto purge setting. As i suspected it was repeatedly purging something after looking in the log.
See attached screenshot of how its configured. I set it to off and now CCSS works. But is this the right thing to do? Will i run into issues with old non-updated content with it set to Off?



No , purge action in tab won't effect CCSS , CCSS requires separated , dedicaed purge action in LSCWP menu.

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Sorry, you are correct.

It looks like its the "Generate CCSS in the Background" setting and even though the cron is running and i clear the LSCache and Object Cache after cron finishes it still wont generate in the background.
And then it does this... where it says do you want to manually run queue? Even though the cron has run.

Last generated: 1m 3s ago
Last requested cost: 9s
URL list in queue waiting for cron
https:// www. domain. com/

Run Queue Manually