OpenLS vs. Enterprise?


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I have owned a LS Enterprise 4-CPU license a long time but as I do not use any CP, Apache, or shared hosting I am interested now to use Openlitespeed.

There is this info:

What I would like to be clarified, why Enterprise has "Highest level of stability" there?
What stability means: traffic or functionality or resource usage? Is that a hint that OpenLS is not stable?

What about HTTP/2 and SSL speed/features? Does OpenLS have them all?

Any pointers to benchmarks and stability evaluations? Thanks.


The biggest difference between OLS and LSWS is the Apache compatibility. About stability is that we usually put new features inside of OLS first before LSWS and this can cause some bugs here and there.

OLS does support HTTP/2 and everything with SSL, the only thing it does not support is QUIC. That page has a nice chart for a comparison between the products.