Optimal Settings for AlmaLinux server

I am new in OLS in almalinux server with direct admin, idont have dropdowns or radio boxes in the administration,
so i would like your advices for the settings of the server.
Please advice me what settings to change

Server Name is there reason to set it ?
Number of Workers 2 more workers = more server speed ?
Priority 0
CPU Affinity Not Set
Memory I/O Buffer 60M
Enable HTTP/2 Over Cleartext
TCPNot Set Graceful Restart Timeout (secs)300
Statistics Output Directory Not Set
Expires DefaultNot Set
Auto Load from .htaccessNot Set
Default SHM DirectoryNot Set

Max Connections10000
Max SSL Connections5000
Connection Timeout (secs)300
Max Keep-Alive Requests10000
Keep-Alive Timeout (secs)5
Send Buffer Size (bytes)0
Receive Buffer Size (bytes)0

Max Request URL Length (bytes)8192
Max Request Header Size (bytes)16380
Max Request Body Size (bytes)2047M
Max Dynamic Response Header Size (bytes)8192
Max Dynamic Response Body Size (bytes)2047M

Static File Delivery Optimization
Max Cached Small File Size (bytes)4096
Total Small File Cache Size (bytes)20M
Max MMAP File Size (bytes)256K
Total MMAP Cache Size (bytes)40M
Use sendfile()Yes
File ETag iNode
Modified Time Size None

GZIP/Brotli Compression
Static Cache DirectoryNot Set
Max Static File Size (bytes)10M
Min Static File Size (bytes)300


Enable HTTP3/QUICNot Set
QUIC SHM DirectoryNot Set
HTTP3/QUIC VersionsNot Set
Congestion ControlNot Set
Connection Flow Control WindowNot Set
Max Connection Flow Control WindowNot Set
Stream Flow Control WindowNot Set
Max Stream Flow Control WindowNot Set
Max Concurrent Streams Per ConnectionNot Set
Handshake Timeout (secs)Not Set
Idle Timeout (secs)Not Set
Enable DPLPMTUDNot Set
PLPMTU Base ValueNot Set
PLPMTU Max ValueNot Set

Thank you in Advance


Default settings should be good for general cases, and the different OS should not matter. If you are not clear about those settings, I'd recommend you to stay with the default.