Per Client Throttling doesn't work with Cloudflare?


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i have a problem, if I set the max inbound/outbound bandwidth doesn't work if I use my domain with cloudflare, but work normally if I use the IP of my machine. I have already followed the guide for see th real ip of visitors with cloudflare, so what is the problem?

Thanks for the help.
I have the same questions. Looks like nobody here is willing to answer the question. I guess they want us to buy paid support.
I'm assume you are setting the trusted IP ranges for CloudFlare as mentioned here. I wonder if setting trusted IP ranges is bypassing throttling options? Especially since its working for you when bypassing CloudFlare and going straight to your host.

Also, @raselmx- this is the OpenLiteSpeed Community Forum. I couldn't find anything regarding this in the docs, but you could raise this topic in the GitHub Issues tracker if you think it is a bug that needs fixed. A developer that is familiar with the code for that feature might be able to answer your question there.
The issue I had was, I have set inbound and outbound bandwidth limit in OLS webadmin but I still can download files way higher than the limits when I tested. Hence it is possibly acting through trusted ip. I'm using cloudflare as well. But I'm not using show real ip of visitors unlike the OP.