Performance Issues High Ram And CPU 7-10x ENT Version

I have moved over a handful of WordPress sites from a Litespeed enterprise server to an OLS based server and am having high load and resource issues. The original VPS was only 2GB ram and 1 Vcore and it was very consistent and steady at 50% to 65% use on ram and average on CPU maybe 40%. Litespeed on that server was very light on ram and cpu I never saw it using more 300MB on ram.

On this new OLS server OLS almost looks like it has a memory leak, you can watch ram use climb from 500mb up until 1.9GB at which point I have Monit set to restart it. lsphp is very hard on CPU every hit to uncached php is generating 40% to 60% on cpu. The new server is twice the size at 4GB ram and 2 Vcpu and it is struggling.

Caching is setup and working properly on all sites VIA Lscache, object caching with Redis is also on and working, all sites are proxied through Cloudflare. There is one site that gets decent traffic that is causing most of the issues but it is not enough that it should be generating load like this, it did not on the previous server.

All sites are running PHP 7.4, and OLS version is 1.7.4. I have included a screen of the site causing the issues lsapi settings.



I have been watching the server and it is 100% OLS and lsphp causing the high resource use. Anybody have any ideas where I should look next to try nd get this resolved?

Edit: Forgot to mention I moved the busier site over to a pure Nginx server for 48 hours for a test and the resource use was similar to my LS ENT server, maybe 10% higher.
@Dradden, sorry I have no real advice. You could try to update to 1.7.7 and see if there is a difference, or try the latest 1.6.* version. Also make sure your server log debug level is set to none.

Question: I'm curious. Where is the first screenshot you included from? is that from LiteSpeed Enterprise?
Actually looks like the GridPane UI. Is that right?
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