Php 8.2 ini file not visible in directadmin file editor


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Hi all,

I installed php 8.2 via CustomBuild, set it to a domain that is running wordpress. This setup also sees php 8.2 in the dashboard so all good.

Only i can't find the 82 php.ini file in directadmin under the 'admin -> file editor' section to adjust the memory, where i normally go for this.

/usr/local/php72/lib/php.ini 69.76 KB
/usr/local/php73/lib/php.ini 69.89 KB
/usr/local/php74/lib/php.ini 70.9 KB
/usr/local/php80/lib/php.ini 70.85 KB
/usr/local/php81/lib/php.ini 71.22 KB

Has any one noticed the same issue or how that i could resolve it? Could this be openlitespeed related? Thank you in advance.