php.ini setting not respected?

Hi guys after a while, I got my site transfer and seems to be running. However on apache, I was able to change the php.ini file and everything seems to be pick up in wordpress. However in OLS, I edited /usr/local/lsws/lsphp71/etc/php/7.1/litespeed/php.ini to

max_input_time = 30
upload_max_filesize = 50M
post_max_size = 51M

However wordpress in elementor systems info still showing postmax size of 2M and upload max size of 8M. Please help. I am sorry for asking a lot in past few days. I managed to get my server running on google cloud forever free instance for now. Now is just configuration. Also to save you guys from another post is there a best Suggested server config? I am looking at the OLS admin pages, most value are not set.


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You can copy the Example/html/phpinfo.php to your current testing VHost and run it .
You will see which php version you are using and where is the php.ini location.
How did you install it?
I install it via the one click ./ -r -a -w

I can see the Example folder in the directory on my linux server, but no clue what the heck is the url to access it via web browser. Website is fully functional, but I have yet to make it public since I am testing. I also want to tune the server better any rec? I am using Google Clould f1micro instance. However I have to say, so far CPU reading spike a lot less I think than apache.
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OK, with our one click installation tool, you will have 80 and 443 configured for your wordpress site.
And you will have 8088 for the example page. You can access it through
http://ip:8088/ to access, and http://ip:8088/phpinfo.php to get the php info.
Thank you, I stupidly deleted the Default listener for 8088 :) Now I know how to re-create a listener and bind it to a virtual host and how to use Google Cloud firewall rule.

The info seems to be correct with my value, so the problem is with my wordpress elementor system info reporting incorrect value or not picking it up. Anyone have any idea? Does it have to do something with my virtual host configuration in the litespeed server I didn't do any user ini thing as this server I am the only one on there?


If your phpinfo.php page showing correctly, then it should be correct. If Elementor system info reporting incorrect value, you should check with Elementor support.