PHP Versions

Does anyone know how the PHP versions when compiling PHP works? Will newer versions automatically appear without upgrading litespeed, or will it be necessary to upgrade litespeed before accessing newer versions. Now just waiting to test 5.5. :)


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Well, you kinda hafta upgrade.

I say "kinda" because you can actually add newer versions yourself whenever you want to. (You can do this in Enterprise, too. The WebAdmin console code has always been open source.) Go to /usr/local/lsws/admin/html/utility/build_php/ . In that file, just add a new version number to the dropdown box. You can add 5.5 if you want, but we have no idea how that will work with LSWS.:barefoot:

Newer versions of 5.4 and whatnot shouldn't be much of a problem, but we're going to need some time before we get to 5.5.

So adding to the $PHP_VER array worked after a couple attempts. For anyone else wanting to test the new version remember to use '5.5.0' because '5.5' won't work.

The only problems I had were it kept failing when I had PHP Mail Header Patch selected, which was there by default. Tried again and it failed, this time it was an issue with APC. Deselecting APC as well I finally got it to work. I hear Zend Optimizer+ is just as good in 5.5, so I might try that and see how it goes.
And it doesn't feel like you're losing any performance in comparison to APC, right?

No bugs with 5.5 so far?
Yea, in fact it feels even faster, but that may have to do with 5.5 having performance improvements... Haven't come across any bugs, but I haven't done extensive testing, I run a pretty simplistic application though. It's also always a different story when it's live. :p Heh, I feel like I haven't said anything at all. :rolleyes:


Well I tested php 5.5 and I felt that it was slower than the default install of php 5.3 but then I did add a few more options though, support for mysql and sqli for a start. and that was testing on a phpinfo.php page. But something else could be causing this though.