Possible to add additional IP addresses to server


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I have 16 additional IPv4 addresses available on my dedicated server, running OLS 1.4.49 and CyberPanel 1.8.8.

I'm trying to assign a unique IP address to each domain hosted on the server (for geographic SEO purposes).

When I try to create a new listener following this tutorial, the only IP address from the drop down list is the main server IP. The additional IP addresses haven't been mapped to the server, apparently.

Is there a guide showing how to configure the additional IP addresses and make them available for use with additional listeners?


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They aren't visible in the CyberPanel interface, but within the OVH interface (dedicated server provider), they're showing as available and assigned to the server.

Is there a CLI command I could run to see if they're properly assigned at network level?


Login to ssh and list interfaces with command
- for CentOS: `ip a`
- for ubuntu: `ifconfig`
Let us know if you can see all public IPs on it


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OK, thanks for that. I ran the 'ip a' command and the only recognisable IPv4 address is the main server IP address - none of the additional 16 IP addresses are present.
You first need to add your ip's to the operating system. Once added you will see them when doing 'ifconfig' or 'ip a' in the command prompt.

Once you have them available in the OS they are also available in the OLS control panel - and can be assigned to specific listeners.


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OK, thanks for your advice. I'm tempted to try to add the ips to the server, but I'm apprehensive about screwing up the network configuration and not being able to access the server. Yikes...