Problem with modsecurity - erreur code not present to domain error file

I installed directadmin + openlitespeed + modsecurity + comodo
I tested the following url:
I have a 403 error that appears on the screen, however this error does not appear in the error log file (/var/log/httpd/domains/
On the same server I changed to the apache web server and the modsecurity errors appear in the log file of the domain name, so I went back to the openlitespeeed web server and the modsecurity errors no longer appear in the file domain name logs.
When openlitespeed is active, the errors do appear on the other hand in the log file modsec_audit.log which is located in / var / log / httpd
The concern is that the csf / lfd firewall does not block the IP addresses in error because the errors do not appear ...
Is this a bug?
Is there a configuration to be done in openlitespeed so that errors appear in the logs file for each domain name?
Please help me with this.
Anyone have an idea on this?
I don't understand why modsecurity errors not registering in error file for each domain name (/var/log/httpd/domains/
Whereas if I change to the apache or nginx server, these errors do show up in this same file.
Could the openlitespeed team get back to me or tell me if there is a configuration option to activate or something else ...
Am I the only one with this problem?
Because if the errors do not appear in the error file of the different domain names hosted on the server, it is difficult for lfd to block the IP pertaining to the code injection attempt or other similar attack. .
Thank you for your attention.