Quick Cloud CDN IPs auto update issue

Hello Team,

I've noted here: https://www.quic.cloud/docs/onboarding/adding-quic-cloud-ips-to-allowlist/
that the latest version of OpenLiteSpeed are auto updating Quick Cloud CDN's IP, which is good, however I assume it is not my case, as I can see the following issue here:

cat /usr/local/lsws/admin/conf/quic-cloud-ips
Composer detected issues in your platform:

Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version ">= 8.1.0".

I am running Debian 12 with OpenLiteSpeed installed using OneClick Installer (https://openlitespeed.org/kb/1-click-install/) with WordPress and CSF as firewall.
The PHP version is lsphp 8.2. I didn't get any errors or notices during the installation of OpenLiteSpeed, so I am wondering why I see this issue "Composer detected issues in your platform"?

Any have ideas?

Thank you in advance.
Of course,

I first install the package (OpenLiteSpeed, php, mariadb, wordpress) using the following command:

./ols1clk.sh --adminuser 'dev' --adminpassword 'sec_33434_PoP321?' --email 'dev@chyperx.cc' --lsphp 82 --mariadbver 10.11 --wordpressplus chyperx.cc --wordpresspath "/usr/local/lsws/chyperx.cc/public_html" ******************************************

Then after a few days I installed/enabled Modsec using this command:

./ols1clk.sh --owasp-enable
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Thanks, I have set it up for two days, and even tried different to clean the list and remove the compose package to reproduce it but failed. If you refresh OLS and still get the same output, please raise a ticket to support@litespeedtech.com with this forum post link appended for further check.