Red marks next to virtual host items and listeners

Discussion in 'OpenLiteSpeed Bug Reports' started by ckissi, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. ckissi

    ckissi Member

    I've logged in to the admin area and noticed red marks next to the listeners as well as virtual host.

    Check the images please.

    Web sites are running ok, so it must be just some issue with a status check.

    After a graceful restart, it works ok.
    Dashboard 2017-06-10 09-29-26.png Dashboard 2017-06-10 09-30-05.png
  2. lsfoo

    lsfoo Administrator

    Hi @ckissi

    Did you notice any log messages that may related to this?

  3. ckissi

    ckissi Member

    I've already restarted so cannot check again but there were no error messages in the log. Just the notices. As I said before all virtual hosts were functional so it must be just some status check issue.

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