Redirect server IP to main domain


I have a digitalocean WordPress Litespeed droplet and I would like to redirect my IP address to the domain. I do not wish to do this through an htaccess rule, as it will not include all the pages that a user may try to visit. In other words, I would prefer to change my server_name as it can be done with apache for example.


Hi @dimath99 ,

1. As long as you have domain setup in the wordpress settings, you can just remove the IP from the both listeners
2. If you still want to do the redirect, you can add the rewrite rules in rewrite tab of the virtual host. in this way, you don't need to touch the .htaccess file
Then do a gracefully restart

Thanks for your reply. Could you please clarify the listeners?

Also, about the rewrite tab, you mean the one in the openlitespeed dashboard?