Running a Node application in OpenLiteSpeed


I have a VPS setup with CentOS 7, OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.16 and CyberPanel 2.3.2. I have HTML being served by default over HTTPS, and want a Node JS application running on port 3000. I've successfully got it working via SSH, I can run my index.js file and everything works as expected. But I need to keep the SSH window open for the Node application to keep running, which isn't ideal.

I followed the guide for running Node.js applications and have added it as an App Server within the Context of my Virtual Host, but it doesn't seem to be running. My index.js is in /home/WEBSITE/server/ and my context is configured as such:
-URI: /server/
-Location: /home/WEBSITE/server/
-Binary Path: /usr/bin/node
-Application Type: Node
-Startup File: index.js

What am I doing wrong and is there any way to debug this?

Many thanks!