separate vhosts for and

Is it possible to have and as separate vhosts with separate document roots etc?

I remember seeing somewhere, a while ago, that OpenLiteSpeed automatically folds the two together, but I would like to separate them.

If so, how can I do it?

If I need to hack the code, any hints as to where...?



Why do you want to separate there two? These two should be the same generally.
If you just want a new site, get another sub domain like or should not be hard, and it is clear.

Here I am not talking if you can technically separate and, it is just good practice. You should have many ways to achieve your goal, but separating these domains is not a recommended way as far as I can see unless you have a very strong reason.
The strong reason is that I have a client with a Wordpress website and a webapp, both running on
The web app is old, running PHP 5.4, and it will take time to migrate it to PHP7.x if that ever happens.

I want to move the Wordpress site to PHP7 in a completely different vhost, using to be consistent with existing SEO history of the domain, while moving the web app to (instead of to reduce confusion for the customers logging in.

I'll have all the appropriate redirects in place, so people end up where they expect to be.

Thus far, I have created two vhosts in a test OpenLiteSpeed but all of the requests go to the vhost.

While I agree that in most cases www and @ should be canonicalised by default, I do feel that the philosophy should not be hard coded.
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Can you show me the snapshot of listener port 80 configurations with the domain to virtual host mapping?
You can easily define to virtual host 1 and to virtual host 2.