Fixed Server signature header variable

I selected the option hide full header for server signature and it doesn't appear to work, it still shows "LiteSpeed". I noticed I got the warn error:
[config:server:basic] invalid value of <showVersionNumber>:2, use default=0
Oops, uhh nevermind, apparently this was fixed in 1.2.2, I was still using 1.0.4. :oops:

Edit: Noticed one of my installs still showed the header while the other didn't. Maybe there is some sort of caching happening somewhere...
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Just to update that the header disappeared a few days ago on its own. I had already tested on multiple browsers and cleared the cache previously so I don't think that was it. It might have cleared from a server reboot or something, even though one of them only required a restart of lsws. No problems now then. :)