Shared storagePath between multiple web server instances

We are running multiple web server instances which use the same shared document root on top of CephFS. It works fine without any cache but of course we want to use lscache to speed up web sites. Per instance cache directory per instance works fine but the problem is that the cached files on one instance are not available for other instances. Another thing is that we are not able to clear cache on all web server instances at once. This is because cache purge commands are only processed by one particular web server instance and only its cache is purged when other instances' cache remains unchanged. We have tried to clear cache using Wordpress Litespeed Cache Plugin Purge cache functions.

To be able to get full benefits of caching and have an easy way to clear it, we are trying to place cache directory on shared storage:
module cache { 
  storagePath /shared/cache
The problem seems to be that every Openlitespeed process running on different instance is trying to place its own .cacheman.lock and .cacheman.shm on storagePath which does not work because these files are instance specific. So is it possible to configure Openlitespeed to place these files outside of storagePath to be able to use shared cache?


seems you are tying to set up a cluster of backend nodes, it is true that cache syn may not be that easy logic. You will need to let each instance manage themself through the plugin on that instance at this stage.

Alternatively, use ADC in the front of all nodes, setup cache on ADC.