Site-wide page styling change is disabled by LiteSpeed

We use a style switcher to offer different accessibility options to visitors to our websites. A site-wide cookie is set, the page is reloaded with the new style and all of the other pages change as well, when clicked on. It works perfectly in Apache.

When we recently switched to LiteSpeed, although the current page styling changed, none of the subsequent pages did, even though the cookie could be clearly seen in the inspector. I have created a document detailing this, with appropriate screenshots but it was too large to attach. Here is a link to it:

I hope you can help, we have spent hours and hours trying to get this resolved. Thank you very much.

Clive Loseby
To replicate the issue

Go to
Change style to Yellow
Click on About Us
Change style to Green
Click on Home Page, it is still yellow until you refresh the page
So we are talking about pages that have previously been visited.
This does not happen when we switched back to Apache.

We currently have LiteSpeed back on but need to switch back to Apache