[Solved] PHP7 SuExec using VH Template - 503 error???

I'm struggling to get PHP7 with SuExec using a VH Template.

PHP 5.6 with standard VHost - works out of box
PHP 7.0.10 with standard VHost - works with a bit of work.
PHP 5.6 with shipped VH Template PHP_SuEXEC works and reports process uid as expected.

PHP 7.0.10 with VH Template 'php-suexec-70' does not work properly.

If I set VHost Template php-suexec-7 > Script Handler to use [Server Level]: lsphp70 it works except that the process username is 'nobody'.

If I set VHost Template php-suexec-7 > Script Handler to use [VHost Level]: lsphp70 it gives 503 error

Any ideas on what I might be missing??
There is nothing useful in logs/error.log


VHost Template php-suexec-7 > External App
LiteSpeed SAPI App $VH_NAME_lsphp70 uds://tmp/lshttpd/$VH_NAME_lsphp70.sock
Name $VH_NAME_lsphp70
Address uds://tmp/lshttpd/$VH_NAME_lsphp70.sock

VHost Template php-suexec-7 > Security
ExtApp Set UID Mode DocRoot UID

In conf/httpd.conf I have:
extprocessor lsphp70 {
type lsapi
address uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsphp70.sock
maxConns 35
initTimeout 10
retryTimeout 0
persistConn 1
respBuffer 0
autoStart 1
path $SERVER_ROOT/fcgi-bin/lsphp7
backlog 100
instances 1
memSoftLimit 2047M
memHardLimit 2047M
procSoftLimit 400
procHardLimit 500

In conf/templates/php-suexec-7.conf
extprocessor $VH_NAME_lsphp70 {
type lsapi
address uds://tmp/lshttpd/$VH_NAME_lsphp70.sock
maxConns 5
initTimeout 60
retryTimeout 0
persistConn 1
pcKeepAliveTimeout 30
respBuffer 1
autoStart 1
path $SERVER_ROOT/fcgi-bin/lsphp7
backlog 10
instances 5
extMaxIdleTime 60
priority 0
memSoftLimit 100M
memHardLimit 150M
procSoftLimit 100
procHardLimit 200


Hi bluewombat,

I have a few questions to help us debug:
1. What OS are you using?
2. How did you install OLS?
3. Did you use any special parameters when installing?

Hi Kevin,

thanks for helping.
This is Ubuntu 14.04.4
I installed OLS using a process similar to www digitalocean com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-the-openlitespeed-web-server-on-ubuntu-14-04
I don't recall any special parameters.
To get php 7.0.10 to build I had to iterate a few times to get missing dependencies installed, but I basically just followed the instructions in the Tools section.

It all works well with the bundled php 5.6.14, but I can't seem to get the DocRoot UID type of SuExec to work for php 7.0.10
Have a look at the examples below, which report process owner and docroot owner.
p5.example.com.au p.php VHost Template PHP_SuEXEC > Script Handler php = [VHost Level]: $VH_NAME_lsphp
p7.example.com.au p.php - VHost Template php-suexec-7 > Script Handler php = [Server Level]: lsphp70
p7v.example.com.au p.php - VHost Template php-suexec-7 > Script Handler php = [VHost Level]: $VH_NAME_lsphp70

For both PHP_SuEXEC and php-suexec-7, ExtApp Set UID Mode = DocRoot UID



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Hi Danny,

I can confirm that the server level returns nobody for me as well. However, I was able to get vhost level working with the correct user. Do you see anything in the error log that could explain why you are getting a 503 in that situation? Just visit the page again and there should be a log message related to it.



Hi Danny,

Kevin and I have been hard at work figuring out your issue. The reason you are getting a 503 error is because PHP7 requires higher memory usage. Currently if you just copied over the template and edited it the memory limits would have stayed the same. All you have to do to fix this is change the following:

Memory Soft Limit (bytes) 100M -> 1000M
Memory Hard Limit (bytes) 150M -> 1500M

The 1000M and 1500M are just random numbers I chose to see if that was the cause. You can tweak it to your like by changing them and seeing if you still get a 503 error.

Hope this helps you.

Best Regards,
Thanks Jonathan and Kevin - this has solved the issue.
I now get on my example page:

Process owned by user: p7
Docroot: /vhosts/p7v.example.com.au/public_html owned by user: p7​

Please update the Subject line to add [SOLVED]

Best regards,