ssl mixed content error

I have an issue with one of the websites hosted on openlitespeed.
Facebook deactivated my ad account because of an ssl error.
I started digging around and found out that there is a mixed content warning in firefox even though there is a black padlock on next to the address.
When i check the console i get this:\
Blocked loading mixed active content “”
I force https via rewrite rules. Also changed all urls in the database from http to https.
The warning still shows up but not all the time.
Avery now and then.
how can i fix this?
You need to find out what http content is getting loaded. Some of it may be from your website, some could be from a different domain. If you look at the page source code, you may be able to find it by searching for 'http://'.

Then you will need to figure out if your rewrite rules are not working as expected.
I figured it out. i wasn't aware i had to restart the server for the rules to take effect. This is an inconvenience. There plenty of wordpress plugins that write in htaccess in order for them to function properly. Do i have to restart the server for the rules to be applied? Is there a work around the restart?
I believe so. The LS server has to process the .htaccess and it's not efficient to do it on every page load.

Additionally most rules added by plugins won't be compatible with OpenLiteSpeed as it only supports a subset of the Apache htaccess syntax.
Here is the webadmin help bubble:
Auto Load from .htaccess
Autoload rewrite rules contained in a directory's .htaccess file when first accessing that directory if an HttpContext for that directory using the rewritefile directive does not already exist. Once initially loaded, a graceful restart must be performed for any further changes to that .htaccess file to take effect.


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Server need to be restarted for loading the config(include rewrite rules and .htaccess file) at the very beginning and for good perfermance, it can not check the config changes during serving.