STDERR messages

In my litespeed error logs I see a lot of error messages such as:
2013-07-25 14:08:03.644 [NOTICE] [IP:PORT] [STDERR]

I think there should be a description of the error at the end of the line. Then I realized that in my php.ini I did not set my error_reporting, after setting to E^ALL I can see the error description is logged and it shows PHP notices and errors to the right of [STDERR]. However, I'm still getting a lot of blank ones. I'm guessing they're coming from litespeed, or something else. How can I get the rest of the errors to show?


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The STDERRs always come from something other than LiteSpeed. Right now, we believe they're coming from the way LSAPI communicates between applications and OpenLiteSpeed. LSAPI is written for Enterprise and there are ways in which it's communication with OpenLiteSpeed is not perfect yet. This is one of them. The STDERRs represent pieces of information that OpenLiteSpeed did not understand. We have not noticed any extra lag or incompatibility because of this and we're working on getting LSAPI and OpenLiteSpeed communication smoother, but its still a work in progress.

So, um, yeah. That was a long way of saying: We don't think it's a big deal and we're trying to get rid of it so it doesn't alarm people. But tell us any time an application doesn't work.